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business logos                 Strategic Marketing Ideas for Great Small Businesses
                                                                                704.658.5236 comes from the mind of John "Hammer" Palazzolo.  Hammer spent 2 decades in broadcasting; as a Personality, a Creative Director and in Sales. 

"I'd hear clients say it all the time: "I tried it once & it didn't work", but you see, they'd been misled!  ALL advertising works...IF you do it correctly!" 

Hammer says "That's why SSI exists.  To help you promote yourself effectively.  I can show you how you can get more mileage from your marketing bucks when you Say Something Important!"

Hammer is a native of Detroit, Michigan and still points to his right palm when you ask him where home is.  He is a student of broadcasting, an amateur racecar driver and a fan of handcrafted brews and single malt scotch.